The Expression of The Father’s Love

The expression of the Father's Love" is

Because the love of the father is rarely observed and seen in the acts

Of Salvation - it is He "the Father” that sent the son - and who is

Greater the who was sent or the one that sends- I believe great

Emphasis is shed on Jesus and rightfully so but many have ignored or

Fail to recognize the deep love the father have for his creation,

Hence the reason He sends his only begotten Son that who so ever believeth In Him will not perish.

Therefore, I would seek to bring out the deep love of the father in

My messages, with the hope of informing all of the love of the Father

For his creation.  Jesus seeks to do just that whenever He ministered

To the people or was questioned by the Pharisees in a number of his

Teachings throughout the bible - in the parable of the prodigal son in

Luke 15, He did that so masterfully.  He also did that in His

Discourse with Nicodemus in Jn. 3:16 and in a number of other

Scriptures. It is my hope that the father's love will capture you and you would respond.

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