• Standing on The Rock

    Standing on The Rock

    As the church, Christ is that solid rock on which we stand. Therefore, we can trust in Him because He is faithful. Mathew 16:18

  • On Call

    On Call

    A programme that discusses a range of medical issues.

  • Command Your Morning

    Command Your Morning

    Men and Women of God lead us in a time of prayer as we use the authority given to us to speak into our…

  • Moments With Truth

    Moments With Truth

    Our main focus is to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ so that hearts can be touch and cause a change in people‚Äôs…

  • The Outpouring

    The Outpouring

    The outpouring television ministry is one of the many areas where lives are being impacted and motivated for the kingdom of God. It also…

  • Stepping On High Waters

    Stepping On High Waters

    Stepping On The High Waters was a word from God to go deeper in him and reaching to that place called there in him.